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Iree musicians saw to merriment in castles and inns all over Europe in the fourteenth and fifteenth century. These so-called City Pipers made music in village greens and market squares, at parties, fairs and on other special occasions.

s-Hertogenbosch is the only city in the Netherlands, and one of the few cities in Europe, where, in 1984, a group of City Pipers was re-established. On this site you will read more about the historyuniformsinstruments and music of this group.  de Stadspijpers. You can also read where they have their next performances.

Because of new insights in the history of the City Pipers, this group of musicians has undergone a real metamorphosis. The original uniforms, instruments and decorations have been truly copied according to the traditional methods of 1530.

For the greater part this metamor-phosis was made possible by sponsors. Thanks to their support we are confident that the music of the olden times will be heard again in the streets and squares of
s-Hertogenbosch.  The City Pipers will once more be the ambassadors of
s-Hertogenbosch, both in the Netherlands and abroad. 

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